About Us

At International Trade Supplier Co. Ltd, we not only pride ourselves on being market leaders when it comes to providing quality products and supplies at exceptional prices, but also providing unparalleled ongoing customer care and service to all our valued clients. Offering a wide range of services to suit your needs, and with affiliates located in Europe, Australia and central Asia, International Trade Supplier (ITS Business) has found it’s home in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam

We believe location is everything, and Vietnam is an ever-developing mecca for many competitive industries. ITS Business has access to exclusive manufacturers, products and prices that put our clients ahead of their competitors.  We understand that every business requires an edge to succeed, and with ITS Business as your partner, you’ll have access to our extensive worldwide resources and services. We offer solutions for our valued customers sourcing suppliers, manufacturers or even transport/logistical issues. We work closely in partnership with a variety of manufacturers, suppliers and transport companies all over the globe.  Our goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable, seamless and honest service by satisfying each businesses individual needs and requirements in the simplest and most cost effective manner.

       its-business-hold-contact-cardWith our experienced and dedicated team, we tailor products and prices to suit everyone from the individual consumer right through to wholesalers and distributors.  Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established wholesaler, we can provide you with not only our exclusive products at minimal cost, but as our partners in business, you will have ongoing support and commitment from our professional and friendly customer service team. ITS Business will provide you with a tailored solution to suit your specific situation

Our mission is to successfully grow our company and client base in Vietnam and securely position ourselves as the single largest provider of trade and business solutions throughout Asia. We are heavily immersed and active in the ICT sector, agriculture, safety solutions, chemicals and many more industries.

At ITS Business we believe in entering into “business partnerships” with our clients rather than the typical Sales/Customer dynamic. As business partners, we treat you as an individual customer not as a member of a whole market- giving a personal, specific service and customer relation that we believe builds strong foundations well into the future.