As well as being a mecca for many fruits and vegetables, Vietnam has rapidly grown to become the first source for Agricultural goods the world over. Specializing in some of the most sought after commodities, ITS Business is your connection to these lucrative, competitive markets.

Black-pepperBlack pepper

Pepper originating in Vietnam is characterized by its large size and the piperine content, which is on average higher than other brands- although it has an aromatic note very similar to Indian pepper.

Over the last ten years Vietnam has gradually increased its influence on the international pepper market. Vietnam is the world’s leading exporter of black pepper (about 85,000 tons per year) for two reasons: firstly, its favorable climate conditions and rural traditions in the cultivation of pepper; secondly, domestic use is almost zero.

white-pepperWhite pepper

White pepper originating from Vietnam is produced from dried high specific gravity black pepper (from 580 to 620 and beyond g/l). Vietnam white pepper keeps dried black pepper smell and taste, despite its  fermentation process.

In addition, the pulp inside the grain becomes white – gray while grinding. This is different from the pale yellow color of traditionally produced white pepper.

cashew-nuts-vietnamCashew Nuts

Vietnam is among the biggest manufacturers and exporters of cashew nut in the world. Since 1990, Vietnam has emerged as a main producer of cashew nuts in the Asian market. During the 1980s, Vietnam started growing cashews as a potential income source going forward. In 1990s, the area of land to grow has been expanded to rural areas. Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS) was established in 1990 to facilitate the development of Vietnam cashew industry.


green-coffee-beansCrucial is one of Vietnam’s most important agricultural exports and crucial to the economy for such a long period. Vietnam is highly competitive as a coffee producer because of ideal climate and environmental conditions, low production costs, and yields among the highest in the world.

In recent years, the Vietnamese coffee industry has developed vigorously. In 2009, Vietnam exported 1.2 million tons earning revenue of 1.7 billion US$. Vietnam’s crop of 2008-2009 produced exports of 16 million 60-kilogram bags and 977 metric tons of green coffee beans reaping 1.5 billion US$ in revenue.