Quality Control Services

Our international customers, or partners as we refer to them here at ITS Business, have entrusted us with sourcing and supplying them with quality products to give them that competitive edge in their respective industries. We understand the need to not only bring them the highest quality products at the lowest prices, but the need for constant quality assurance. With our sister companies positioned around the globe to give us a ground-level base of operations, we can instantly respond and deal with any issues that may come up, or any sudden orders that need to be fulfilled/amended immediately.

Our team of professionals are consistently visiting, actively checking and ensuring quality of production is exactly as has requested. We provide ALL our customers with videos, photos and our personal certification of quality assurance upon request to give them the piece of mind that has helped ITS Business build an incomparable reputation among industry peers.

Our QC service varies for each customer and can cover the entire process from A-Z- overseeing the manufacturing process or ensuring loading is completed successfully as requested by our partners.

Quality-control-manufacturingOur company representatives are highly trained experts capable of assisting in every area of your business transaction, including:

  • Production Inspection and Monitoring
  • Manufacturer Audits

-Payment processing and negotiations

-Correspondence and problem resolution with manufacturers/suppliers

-Delivery loading and processing-Customs Clearance