Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing products

Our work experience in the Vietnamese production sector has allowed us to amass an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers. We know how to source the materials and products you are looking for, as well as follow up and control production in order to meet your specific requirements and expected delivery time.

With our deep knowledge of the country, we answer your needs with all-inclusive services tailored to suit your exact needs and wants.

Sourcing missions and suppliers research:

  • Identification and assessment of suppliers/manufacturers
  • Assistance in negotiations with vendors
  • Price negotiation

Project development:

  • Materials research
  • Identification of local industries and knowledge
  • Design and Creation assistance
  • Fact sheets validation

Production follow-up:

  • Contract negotiation and sampling
  • Placing and tracking order
  • Quality Assurance & Final Inspection


  • Consolidation ordering from different supplier
  • Clearance & FOB
  • Delivery door to door and installation (if applicable)